Brief musings on shiny indulgences

I *love* turbans.  Though some people think that they can look contrived and over-styled, I love them when they’re exactly like this - natural, feminine with a jet set feel.  Each of these women is wearing theirs in a different way, but they make it look so easy!

1 I love Lena Horne’s combination of the turban with a classic Trench coat, fashion globalization with soft and structured fabrics.  (I want to replicate this outfit this fall)

2 As usual, Elizabeth Taylor is oozing womanhood and implied sensuality with the heavy eyebrows, bright lipstick, jewels, and fur.  

Sabrina is one of my favorite movies. Ever.  Every outfit Audrey wore in this movie, designed by Hubert de Givenchy of course, is a study in Parisian style with American comfort.

4 Despite being firmly rooted in the style of her day, I find this photo of Grace Kelly to be the most modern.  Easy, soft, but always untouchable.  Notice how like many well bred ladies of her day, Grace Kelly never pierced her ears and always wore clip ons.  

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